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Raphaël Varane left in tears after getting injured during Man United’s clash against Chelsea

No football player ever wants to miss out on big tournaments due to injury. And Raphaël Varane is certainly one of them.

The French center back playing for Manchester United picked was seen devastated and crying after he picked up an injury during a Premier League game against Chelsea.

Raphaël Varane left devastated after suffering injury against Chelsea

The incident took place in the 60th minute of the game when Varane tried to block Aubameyang’s path. He stomped his foot on the pitch in an attempt to block Auba’s path.

But instead he felt something go off in his body and the defender hit the ground. The game went on and Chelseas continued with their attack, despite protest by Manchester United protest.

The severity of the damage caused was not known to anyone at that moment. Hence, the referee didn’t bring a game to a halt. He is entitled to do that only when there is a concussion risk.

So, when the Chelsea attack found it’s natural conclusion United players rushed to Varane’s aid. The defender remained prostrated on the field for a long while.

Medics immediately rushed on the field and brought the defender back on his feet. But the defender knew that some serious damage was done. Hence, he tried his best to not show the anguish.

Varane was seen visibly distraught as he tried to cover his face with his jersey.

Varane’s history of Injuries

This is the second season for Varane in Manchester. And in this brief spell he has had a long run of injuries.

His most recent injury came just a few weeks ago. The Frenchman was subbed out in the first half against Manchester City.

Now, with the world cup just weeks away, the football fans and French fans in particular wouldn’t want their main defender to be sidelined.

There is already a threat of N’golo Konte missing the world cup for France. And the French team would not want another player, that too of Varane’s Caliber to be sidelined.

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