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Raheem Sterling says “didn’t want to waste my time” at City; reveals reason behind move to Chelsea

Raheem Sterling opens up on his move to Chelsea from Manchester
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England’s winger Raheem Sterling who completed a shocking move from Manchester City to Chelsea, revealed the reason behind the surprising move.

The 27-year-old was bought by Chelsea at £50 million, ending his seven-year-long career at the blue side of Manchester. And it was not a management’s decision but a personal decision by Sterling.

Sterling opens up about lack of game time at City

“I felt my playtime at City was being limited for different reasons, and I couldn’t afford to waste time. When I look back, I didn’t want to see a decline, and I want to keep that level,” Sterling said in a press conference on Thursday, reports ESPN.

He further added, “I have been a regular starter. But to get to a peak time in my career and not to be playing regularly was something I wouldn’t accept.”

Sterling tried to talk with the management in order to bring a change in the same. It seems that they failed to reach an agreement. Hence the player had to move on.

Sterling on why he chose Chelsea

Raheem Sterling also gave the reporters a piece of his mind over why he chose Chelsea over the teams interested in him.

He said that Chelsea felt “tailor-made for my personal goals.” The fact that they have been a part of three to four finals in the past few years enticed him the most. Therefore, he decided he wanted to help them win a trophy.

The player had earlier faced racial abuse at the Chelsea stand during the 2018-19 season. But it was not something that stopped Raheem Sterling from joining the club.

He has already had a successful premier league debut for the club, where they started off a winning start to their campaign. The club and Sterling will hope to get their hands on silverware this season.

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