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Portugal 3 -2 Ghana; Ronaldo & co. Triumph over determine Ghana in opening fixture

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal start their World Cup campaign with a win against Ghana by a scoreline of 3-2. When this game started both the teams were so strong that they weren’t able to break down their opponent’s defence and at half time the score was still 0-0.

Hence, no in the world thought that there would be a lot of goals in the remainder of this game and most likely the winning team would win by a scoreline of 1-0. However, the game changed at the 63rd minute when Fernando Santos’s men were awarded a penalty cause of a foul which was done on Ronaldo.

Ronaldo makes history in world cup

Then it was all up to the 5 time Ballon Dor winner and he smashed it very well and gave his nation the lead in the game. After the goal, it was clearly expected that the European side would see out this game by defending very well against their opponents and this would be the final scoreline.

But Ghana did not back down and continued to fight in the match in the hope of a possible comeback against other group rivals. And because of this mentality, they found a way to equalize the match at the 73rd minute courtesy of a good finish from Ayew.

Now the game was wide open and the next goal was going to be crucial, but now the momentum was with Ghana and it was very possible that the fans could be seeing another upset at the World Cup.

Last Burst for Ghana against Portugal

However, the quality and the experience that Portugal had benefited them a lot as they remained calm in that situation and played very efficiently. And due to this experience the European giants, scored 2 goals within a span of 2 minutes courtesy of Joao Felix and Leao which crushed Ghana’s hope for a win.

But still the African side did not backdown and scored back another goal making the score 3-2. Now it was an all-out attack for Ghana and park the bus for Portugal, both the teams fought until the end with the African side having a last-minute chance which did not manage to ace making the end result in a Portuguese win. All in all, it was a very good match.

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