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Political protests forces venue change in India’s upcoming tour of Bangladesh

Politics has had its fare share of influence on the “Gentleman’s Game” in the sub-continent. This time it’s India’s tour of Bangladesh that it has laid it’s hands-on.

The Indian Cricket Team will be on its way to Bangladesh once they are done with the 3 match ODI series in New Zealand starting tomorrow , November, 22. Team India is scheduled to play a 3 match billateral ODI series in Bangladesh starting December , 4 followed by 2 Tests starting December, 14. It’s after a gap of almost 7 years that the Indian Cricket Team is on a tour of Bangladesh and all 3 ODI matches were scheduled to be played in Dhaka.

Political protests force India vs Bangladesh ODI game to be relocated

However, political unrest has laid it’s paws on the game and the 3rd ODI will now be played in the port-city of Chittagong instead of Dhaka. The 1st Test match , scheduled anyways in Chittagong starting December, 14 followed by the 2nd Test starting December, 22 in Dhaka will go on as per schedule.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board ( BCB) has decided on the change in venue, but they haven’t confirmed the reason for the change , being a result of the political rallies and protests from the country’s leading opposition party , Bangladesh Nationalist Party ( BNP).

The Chief of Operations of the Bangladesh Cricket Board, Jalal Younus has informed the press that the BCB has decided to host a One-Dayer in Chittagong also, alongwith the Test Match that was already scheduled there.

However, he stayed away from any comments that might suggest that the change of venue is due to the protests from the opposition party in Dhaka.

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party, has been hosting country-wide protests , demanding the resignation of Prime Minister, Sheik Hasina.

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