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Pawan Sehrawat injry update: J Udaya speaks about the progress and future plans of raider

One of the biggest setback of Pro Kabaddi League season 9 took place on the very opening day of the tournament as Tamil Thaliva’s Pavan Sehrawat suffered an agonising injury.

It was in the opening encounter against Gujarat Giants, that Pavan twisted his knee while attempting a tackle on Chandran Ranjit. Following this incident, he was stretchered off the mat.

From the very look of it one could tell that it was a major injury. Later, the same was confirmed as a ligament tear.

This has ruled out the player for an undisclosed time. And it is a huge issue for his team Tamil Thaliva.

Injury Update on Pawan Sehrawat

However, now we have some update from the horse’s mouth. The head coach of Tamil Thaliva J Udaya shared some crucial development regarding the raider.

“Pawan is not just important for us but for entire India. He is a national treasure. We are thinking about the next Asian Games. The team management is not willing to take any risks,” J Udaya said in a post match interview.

He added, “We will wait until he attains full fitness and then we will bring him back in the playing seven. Hopefully, he will recover soon and return to the mat.”

Pavan Sehrawat is currently the highest paid player in the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League. He was bought by the Tamil Thaliva for a whooping fees of 2.8 crores.

Hence his injury has been a huge issue for the team.

Adding to that is the fact that Pawan Sehrawat is one of the biggest names in the Pro Kabaddi league. He is the third highest raid point scorer in the history of the tournament. Hence his absence will affect not only his team but the supporters as well.

For now, everyone will be hoping to see him back on the mat as fast as possible.

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