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Pakistan cites “hatred” and “political grounds” as reason for India to deny visa in the T20 World Cup for the visually challenged

Pakistan Blind Cricket Board (PCCB) issued a statement to the media saying that India has denied visa to the team and it’s officials for the tournament scheduled to start from December 5, 2022.

However, Mahantesh G K, the President of the Cricket Association for the Blinds has cleared the air on the issue, saying that the Pakistan team will soon be issued the relevant visas so that they can participate in the tournament and the Ministry of External Affairs are working on the same.

The officials have also expressed their confidence on a positive outcome regarding issuance of the visas . The Indian and the Pakistani team are scheduled to face each other on December 7.

The Pak officials have been going public with their disappointment on this deadlock and have cited India’s “hatred” and “political grounds” as the ground for visa refusal from the concerned Ministry of the Indian Government.

“The PBCC strongly [condemns] this discriminating act of India as sports should be above regional politics […] Our counterpart Blind Cricket Association in India pleaded [with] their government for Pakistan’s clearance but nothing was heard.”, is what was quoted to the media by PCCB officials .

The board officials are also planning to escalate the issue to regulatory panel of the World Blind Cricket , pressing for stern action and pushing a motion to cancel further International Cricket for Blinds events in India.


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