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Ousmane Dembele signs contract extension with Barcelona; know contract details

Ousmane Dembele signs contract extension with Barcelona; know contract details
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Ousmane Dembele and FC Barcelona have finally reached an agreement. And the player signs a two-year contract with the Catalonian side.

After a lot of struggle, pushing, prodding, and even threatening, the deal has finally gone through. Dembele, who previously had a 5-yar contract, will stay for another two years until 2024.

Ousmane Dembele contract details

As per the reports by Santi Aouna, Dembele used to earn a gross salary of €12 million per year. But with this new contract, he will be earning a net salary of €11 million.

In principle, this is an increment from the earlier salary. But there is definitely a catch in the contract details.

There is no clarity available on the exact breakdown of the contract. However, reports claim that a large part of Dembele’s salary is performance-based. Hence, to earn the big bucks, the winger will have to keep performing.

Transfer Saga between Dembele and Barcelona

The contract saga between Barcelona and Dembele had been unrelenting since January 2022. As the player was coming to the end of his contract, the team had provided him with an ultimatum.

According to reports by ESPN, the player was asked to sign the contract on the table. Or find another club before the window closes. The player failed to do either of those two.

Hence, the rift between the club and the player escalated, resulting in the player being benched for a subsequent time.  

Later Xavi, the newly appointed Barcelona manager, brought the forward back on the pitch. Although the club had also acquired the services of another winger Traore, Xavi was adamant with Dembele. He faced severe opposition from within the club, who wanted to be strict with Dembele.

And the faith of the Barcelona legend paid off. The French forward played a crucial role in Barcelona’s revival in the season. From languishing at the 9th position, Barca closed the season at the second position. And Dembele ended the season as the season’s highest assist provider (13).

When his contract expired on June 31st, many clubs were hovering around him. Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain were some of the biggest names. But the player’s agent kept it clear that Dembele wanted to stay at Barca.

Dembele said about his new contract, “Today is a very happy day… my first option was to stay. It has taken a long but we are all happy and I can’t wait for the season to start… the aim is to win titles, the dream is the champions league and I’, going to give my all to win this title.”

Barcelona has made some inroad in this particular transfer window.

They have signed players like Christensen, Kessie, and Raphinha (in principal). They are yet to register many of them players though. And to do so, they will be required to sell further 5% of their television rights.

Hopefully they will not face any issue in registering players in the future. And have a successful season with the players they have signed already.

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