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Nick Kyrgios has sleepless nights ahead of maiden grand-slam final

Nick Kyrgios has sleepless nights ahead of maiden grand-slam final
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The notoriously famous tennis star Nick Kyrgios is all set for his maiden Grand Slam final. And it seems that this very thought is giving the Australians sleepless nights.

The reasons behind Kyrgio’s sleepless nights are quite justified.

The Australian is the only unseeded player in this year’s Wimbledon. Hence, nobody expected him to reach the quarters, let alone the final.

Kyrgios has restless night before big final

Kyrgios himself is very whimsical about how his past few weeks have been. Often the player has been quoted saying that he hates tennis. Still, when he learned that he would play in the Wimbledon final, he got restless and could not sleep.

According to the schedules, Kyrgios was supposed to play Rafael Nadal in the semi-final on Friday. But unfortunately, the 22-time Grand Slam champion suffered an injury during his game against Frits. As a result, he was forced out of the tournament.

The walkover by Rafael Nadal left no opponent for Kyrgios to face. And the Australian was declared as the incumbent finalist.

Talking about this episode, Kyrgios said, “It’s not the way I wanted to get into the final… as a competitor, I really want the match.” further talking about the news of Rafael Nadal, Kyrgios narrated the event of his sleepless nights.

“I was just restless last night… I was feeling so nervous, I don’t feel nervous usually… I just want to go out on the practice court and hit some tennis balls… I want the final to come already,” TOI quoted.

The stage is all set for the final. It is going to be a belter as Kyrgios will be facing former world number 1 Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian has had a great season so far. He was not fazed by any challenge he faced along the way. But considering the great run of form Kyrgios has been in, the final will be a tight encounter.

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