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Messi’s Team, Argentina, Staying in Qatar University Rather Than 5-Star Hotels

Lionel Messi, the worldwide sensation who needs no introduction, has been sleeping alone during his stay in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But why is it so? Shouldn’t all the players be getting their own private rooms for a tournament as great as this? The reality is no, they don’t.

Lionel Messi-led Argentina has singled out from receiving 5-star treatment and has opted to lodge in the student halls of the expansive Qatar University campus. This is likely because they want to carry on their beef barbeque tradition.

According to insiders, beef has winged its way from Argentina to Qatar, so the National team will have no reason to protest. It was done to make them feel “home” in the Arab country and to have their share of ‘asados’; Argentina’s traditional barbecues will apparently serve that purpose. Arrangements of having a special asado chef to guarantee that the meat is cooked just like it would be in their home, Argentina, have also been made to cater to the favorites.

Also, the 35-year-old legend had been sharing a room with his longtime teammate Sergio Aguero. Since Aguero is not a part of the Argentina team for the 2022 global showpiece in Qatar, Messi apparently refused anyone else as his roommate and decided he’d be sleeping alone.

“He will sleep alone, without company, for the first time in a FIFA competition,” informs the source Ole, an Argentine national daily sports newspaper; they added, “In fact, the next room B-202(Messi’s room number being B-201), has Rodrigo and Ota, and B-204, which is opposite, has Paredes with Di María, who will surely go from one room to another for the traditional mateadas and matches.”

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