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Messi to return to Barcelona in 2023, reports.

According to widespread reports in the Spanish media, it is highly considered a possibility that Lionel Messi could return to Barcelona in 2023 once his contact with PSG expires. Barca could have tried to sign the Aregtnine this summer bu PSG had message absolutely clear that no amount of money would persuade them to sell Messi and they are even looking to convince him to stay further on until 2024. And the rumours linking the winger to Barca internsifies when the club activated many economic levers in order to sort out theirfinancial problem. It is also believed that Xavi won’t be having any problem to accommodate his former teammate in his squad.

Joan Laporta has also said that he would like to sign the Barca legend again and it’s his dream to give Messi the proper farewell that he deserves. And of the most important factor for Messi’s return is o rebuild he relationship between him an Laporta and that is certainly possible. It is also reported that in order to return to his boyhood club the Argetine would be wiling to take a paycut to join the team and that is simply sensational. But in terms of revenue, if Messi eventually joins Barcelona, he would definitely generate a lot of money for the club in terms of sponsorships, shirt sales, selling match tickets and many more. So that is also a positive for the club.

Bu on the sporting side of view, there has been a mixed reaction of Brcelona supporters cause some are in favor of bringing Messi in and some aren’t . The reason for that is,at the moment Barca are in a post Messi era where they don’t have to rely on him anymore which they did for many years and so if he comes back they’ll have to do it again but Xavi makes a game plan which doesn’t revolve around the winger it would surely be beneficial for everyone. All in all, Messi has said that he will make the decision about his future after the World Cup.

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