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Lionel Messi Responds to FC Barcelona Return Rumours

Lionel Messi Responds to FC Barcelona Return Rumours

It is no news that Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, never stops talking about his legendary player Lionel Messi, even long after Messi’s departure from the La Liga dominators. Laporta recently again talked about the possibility of Messi’s majestic return to Camp Nou.

“Leo knows that at Barca he always has his home. But let me not talk about Leo because he is a player for another team…He has a valid contract with a European club. I can only say that Leo has been the best player in the history of Barcelona,” said the Barca president.

Lionel Messi unlikely to return to Barcelona

The legendary footballer had bonded with Paris Saint-Germain of Ligue 1 back in 2021 on a two-year contractual basis after departing from his long-time home FC Barcelona as a free agent. After his transfer to the French capital, he had a rough start when his goals per match awfully dropped in the first season while adjusting to the new environment away from the warmth of Spain.

The Argentine had also mourned the loss of his old residence back in Spain since his new home in Paris lacked a football pitch, swimming pool, and an extensively lush garden that he had built and gotten used to throughout the years.

And if these reasons seem trivial to you, on top of all these, his wife and children have been unable to adapt to the new language. Despite the club organizing classes for them to learn the Parisian tongue, they have done poorly.

All these were screaming that Messi was probably regretting his decision of moving and might make a surprising return to his “home” FC Barcelona before long.

However, the star player’s aura has seemed to return and his output has grown very athletic this season, with his goal tally standing at 12 and his scenic assists at 14, so far.

Messi has also recently spoken of his “happiness” and “joy” of staying in Paris, and this particular comment has done a lot of damage to whatever hope Laporta had of bringing him back to Camp Nou.

“After this long period and the difficult times, I am happy to live where I live, and my family and I are enjoying Paris. It was hard at the start…But, today, I enjoy everything including football,” said Messi. This open endorsement of him enjoying his life in the French capital crushes our hope for a return and puts a question mark since his contract with the Ligue 1 giants ends at the end of the season. Only time will tell where the greatest of all time ends up landing.

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