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Lewandowski breaks silence over Barcelona’s Champions League exit; says not happy with Europa League

This summer FC Barcelona had absolute peach of a transfer window cause they improved their squad massively in almost all positions. The Catalan giants spent over 150 Million Euros on transfers with the likes of Kounde, Bellerin,, Marcos Alonso, Kessie, Raphinha and also one of the best players in the world Robert Lewandowski joining Xavi’s team.

Hence, with the squad depth that they had got and with the quality that they had, it was heavily expected that they would at least go to the semi-finals in the Champions League.

Another torrid outing for Barcelona in Champions league

Even though they were in the group of death with Bayern Munich and Inter Milan, if not finishing at the top of the group, they were at least expected to go through the knockout stages.

But the unbelievable happened in that group and the La Liga giants fell apart and couldn’t qualify for the Round of 16 which resulted in them going through the Europa League which is absolutely catastrophic for a team like they created this summer.

Lewandowski not happy with playing in Europa League

Hence since being knocked out, many players have spoken to the media about it and how they were feeling and the most recent one being their striker Lewandowski.

“Obviously, I’m not happy; Barcelona should be in the last 16,” Lewandowski told La Vanguardia. “But before I came to Barca, I was already aware that the first season could definitely be more difficult than it should be,” he added.

He clearly stated that the supporters and the players must have patience cause gradually the club will achieve the trophies that everyone is desiring.

“We are in the process of rebuilding, which takes time; we must be patient. I’m sure these setbacks will make us grow as a team and that everything will be different next season. We are evolving. I wasn’t expecting to arrive and that everything would go well in season one. I insist that it is a process that requires time and patience,” Lewandowski concluded.

For what its worth, Barcelona will be looking to dominate in La Liga and win their maiden Europa League title, on which they missed out last year.

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