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Laporta shuts doors for Lionel Messi’s return to Barcelona

Ever since Lionel Messi’s departure from FC Barcelona in the summer transfer window, fans have been hoping that he will come back at some point in his career.

The current Barcelona president doesn’t think so, though.

Laporta has been very clear about where the club stands at the moment. With the young talent taking centre stage, Laporta believes that Barca has moved past Messi.

Messi moved to PSG in June 2021. And within a year of his stay away from Barcelona, several reports have claimed that the Catalonian club might sign him back.

Considering the lack of trophies at his new club, Messi might also want to come back. After all, Barcelona has been a home for the Argentine for a long time.

Even Barcelona as a club holds a special place in Messi’s heart. And why wouldn’t it be?

Messi won the record number of seven Ballon d’Or while playing at Camp Nou. Hence, it only made sense that he was unhappy at PSG and wanted a return.

Laporta’s statement on Messi’s return

However, Laporta has dismissed any chances of Messi’s return in the near future. According to the Barcelona president, the management is busy “building a new team with young people.”

In his conversation with RAC1, Laporta added that he had not received any message from Messi or his team. Neither are they planning to make a move in the recent future.

He further added, “I no longer have a fluid communication with Messi like I did before… we are not considering (his return). We are building a new team, with a mix of youth players and experienced.”

Messi’s discontent at PSG

After PSG’s untimely exit from the Champions League, a storm is brewing in Paris. Fans are showing their discontent with the likes of Messi and Neymar. This sparked a link between discontent Messi and his former club.

Despite this statement by Laporta, the only ray of hope that remains for Barca fans is their manager. Xavi has been a strong advocate of Messi and wants to bring him back.

Earlier in a statement, Xavi said, “Messi has earned having the doors open to Barca… As long as I am the coach.”

Nobody knows what the future holds for the Argentine, but the fans will be holding out hope for his return to Barcelona.

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