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Kylian Mbappe signs new contract with PSG; learn Mbappe contract details

The news is official. Kylian Mbappe has chosen to stay at Paris Saint Germain.

After two years of the long wait, the decision is finally here on Mbappe’s future, and it’s not the one everyone expected it to be. Yes, the French international has signed a 3-year contract with PSG. Nobody saw this coming for sure.

For most of the deal, it was understood that the Mbappe wanted the move to Real Madrid. Everyone following the move closely was well aware that there would be a lot of money involved.

But when you put the player, the clubs, and the prospect of the future together, the move to Madrid only made sense for Mbappe. The player had other ideas, though, and he decided to have money and power instead of glory.

At least that is what the fans and the footballing world believes.

Although sources claim that Mbappe has been forced to make this move under some political pressure. Being a French international, it can only be understood that the player might be under some pressure. However, there’s no spine in these reports. They can be false for all we know.

The only truth is that Kylian Mbappe has rejected the move to Real Madrid. And will be staying at PSG until 2025.

Kylian Mbappe New Contract Details

According to SKY, PSG’s offer surpasses that of their opposite number. The contract includes a £110 million ($137 million) signing bonus and £20 million ($25 million) of the annual net salary. Further, Mbappe receives a signing bonus of £100 million ($125 million) with a monthly salary (£4 million / $5 million) that doubles his current PSG pay.

This contract shows the gory side of money. Or at least that is what La Liga and people at Madrid believe.

The contract, which they believe should have been signed, was shelved after huge money was involved. And somewhere, according to the Spanish league, the PSG owner is to blame. Their official statement has called him “more dangerous than the Super League.”

They might as well report the move to UEFA. And ask for a thorough investigation of the money involved in the activity.

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