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Kohli should take a break from cricket: Ravi Shastri

The former Indian coach Ravi Shastri has enjoyed quite a limelight in recent times. He stepped down from his position after the dismal outing of India in the T20 World Cup and, since then, has been vocal about the changes that have taken place in the team.

He has been pivotal in many ways. Especially when it comes to relationships, Shastri shared a very close relationship with former captain Virat Kohli. Therefore, he understands him better than anyone and has come up with advice. According to Shastri, Kohli should take a little break.

Shastri’s tenure was one of the best phases in Indian cricket. One doesn’t require to look at the stats or the win percentage to come to that judgment. The sheer domination in all formats of the game asses his time with the team.

What really stands out about his time with the boys is their domination outside India. Especially in the SENA countries where they played splendidly. The two series victories on the trot against Australia down under is definitely the one we treasure the most.

In short, he was one of the best to have coached the team. Hence, it is safe to say that he knows players better than anyone. It is visible from the mannerism of the players around him and with him that he was one of the favorites in the dressing room.

They respected him, and he understood them very well. Therefore, ever since his stepping down from the role, people have turned up to him to understand what is really happening with the team.

Ravi Shastri’s advice to Virat Kohli

A lot has changed in the past three months in the Indian team. From coaches to captains, the team has gone through a plethora of revamps. The series of current losses for the team may be an issue, but it is Kohli’s form that pesters people the most.

The maestro batter has failed to score a century in the past two years. Even though he has come agonizingly close on several occasions, it feels as if something inert keeps him from achieving that 71st international century.

Having his say on the same and other things surrounding Kohli, Shastri came up with a piece of advice on YouTube. While filming with Shoaib Akhtar for his YouTube channel, Shastri promulgated his views.

“I think he realized that he’s 33; he must have five good years of cricket ahead of him. Probably take a break from the game; 2-3 months or even one series will do him a world of good. He will be clear mentally… and that’s how I want to see Kohli from now on,” Shastri said.

Knowing Kohli, everyone is sure that the run machine is not taking a break from the game he loves the most. But perhaps, just this time, he should listen to Shastri’s advice.

However, as things stand, Kohli will soon be in action in the series against West Indies. The series starts on the 6th of February.

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