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Kevin De Bruyne equals Steven Gerrad record for most Premier League assists

Kevin De Bruyne equals Steven Gerrad record for most Premier League assists

Kevin De Bruyne draws level with Steven Gerrad in terms of assists in the premier league. The Belgian has shown more attributes than the Liverpool legend.

Kevin’s Current Form

A Kevin De Bruyne assist feels inevitable nowadays and now that city has signed Haaland to complete their missing piece in the Jicksaw Puzzle. Manchester City’s assist machine draws level with the Liverpool man after slowly over taking other premier league greats.

The Belgian used to work as the team’s creator even when they were without a striker and has proven that he has the capability of being Europe’s finest. Kevin has been deadly with his assists this season, all the sumptuous balls made by De Bruyne has ended up in the back of the net. The city player has 6 assist in 7 games this season as he has a flying start to the season.

The Assist Sheet

The Belgian stands 7th in place for assists in the premier league this table. He is drawn with the Liverpool legend Steven gerrad with 92 goals but has achieved it in 290 appearances less that makes the Belgian boy a  generational and talented midfielder for sure. The Belgian midfielder managed to get 92 assist in 217 appearances in the premier league.

De Bruyne has been sensational and been City’s assists king since his Wofsburg career had ended. Steven did the same in 504 games, kevin has now equalled his record in the assist tally. Kevin De Bruyne is the only active player to have the most assist tally in the premier league.

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