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Jay Shah’s call for neutral venue for Asia Cup 2023 incites Pakistan’s call for neutral venue for ICC World Cup 2023

The verbal battle between India and Pakistan has once again surfaced forward. However, this time it has nothing to do with the politicians of the two countries.

Rather the battle is about Indian Cricket team’s stand on not touring Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023.

Earlier this week, Jay shah made a huge statement regarding India’s stand on Asia Cup 2023. The multination starer tournament is supposed to take place in Pakistan.

And given the history between the two nations, India is not willing to travel to the neighboring country.

“The Asia Cup 2023 will be held at a neutral venue,” Shah told media. “I am saying this as ACC President. We [India] can’t go there [to Pakistan], they can’t come here. In the past also, Asia Cup has been played at a neutral venue.”

Saeed Anwar and Shahid Afridi lambast BCCI

This statement of his  incited and incurred reactions from across the border.

The first person to make a comment on the incident was former Pakistani batter Saeed Anwar. He is not known to comment a lot on cross border issues. But this was one thing that he couldn’t let slide.

Taking it to Twitter Anwar wrote:

“When all international teams and international cricketers come to Pakistan for @OfficialPSL, what is @BCCI’s problem. If BCCI is willing to go to a neutral venue, then @TheRealPCB should also be willing to go to a neutral venue for the WC in India next year. #PAKvIND #Cricket,” he tweeted.

He also got some support from someone who is very vocal about such issues; Shahid Afridi. The former captain lambasted Indian personnel on twitter.

“When excellent comradery between the 2 sides in the past 12 months has been established that has created good feel-good factor in the 2 countries, why BCCI Secy will make this statement on the eve of #T20WorldCup match? Reflects lack of cricket administration experience in India,” he tweeted.

Both the countries will certainly have to find a way around their difference. Especially after considering that the next few tournaments are said to be played in these nations. While India is to host 2023 ODI World Cup, Pakistan is to host 2025 Champions Trophy.

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