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It is my last World Cup: Lionel Messi on upcoming FIFA World Cup in Quatar

While the world is waiting to witness the little maestro Lionel Messi in the upcoming world cup, the Argentine has made a very important announcement regarding his future in the sport.

There has been a lot of speculation taking place around the internet about the future of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo after the upcoming world cup.

The 35-year-old Argentine has made a huge statement regarding his future.

Lionel Messi to play his final World Cup

Lionel Messi said, “If it is my last World Cup? Yes, surely yes, surely yes. I feel good physically, I can have a very good preseason this year that I hadn’t done the year before because of how everything went, training late, playing without rhythm, with the tournament already started, and then I went to the national team, when I came back, I had an injury and I never finished starting.”

Messi also added that he is counting days to the major tournament. And that he also has some anxiety heading into the tournament.

Furthermore, Lionel Messi added that he is unsure of Argentina’s chances to win the world cup. But one thing is for sure that he and others in the Argentine team will do their best to win the game.

So far, the Lionel Messi has featured in 3 world cups and scored just 6 times. His best campaign in the year 2014 when he scored 4 goals and took his team to finals. Although they lost by 1-0 to Germany, Messi was awarded the golden boot for his performance.

If this world cup indeed turns out to be the last dance of the little magician, the whole world would want to see him lift the trophy.

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