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Indian Cricket team boycotts SCG lunch after being served cold, inadequate food; ICC offers to look into the matter

The Indian cricket team has been reported to have boycotted the meal offered to them post an engrossing net session by the SCG.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, the players were offered cold sandwiches, fruits and falafel. However, the players are accustomed to having hot food, which is also recommended.

As a result, the players decided to boycott the lunch there and headed back to hotel.

The team was having an optional training which is also supposed to be their final training before their clash against Netherlands. Hence, the pacers, spinner Chahal, and batter Pandya and Suryakumar were not present in the training.

India boycotts lunch at SCG

Which means that only the main batters were involved in the training. And following a Two-hour long session they expected a full hot meal. But the SCG couldn’t provide them with that.

Following this incident an BCCI official told PTI, “It’s not like any boycott. Some players did pick up fruits and falafel but everyone wanted to have lunch and hence they had food after going back to the hotel.

“The problem is that the ICC isn’t providing any hot food after lunch. In a bilateral series, the host association is in charge of catering and they always provide hot Indian meals after a training session. But for ICC, the rule is the same for all countries.”

ICC issues clarification over the incident

It is noteworthy that in tournaments like these ICC is the one responsible for taking care of food and Catering. Instead of the host nations, who are responsible for the same during bilateral/triangular series.

The issue has appeared in front of the ICC officials and they have launched an investigation over the same.

They also put out a statement in which they said, “Yes, the Indian team has told us about their issues with the food after practice. We are trying to figure out and the issue will be sorted,” an ICC source told PTI.

India will play their second match of the T20 World Cup tomorrow. They will take on Netherlands for the first time in the history of the tournament.

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