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India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup: Melbourne weather updates, playing condition, rain percentage

Two of the biggest team in international cricket are all set to lock horns in the T20 World Cup in Australia. But there are dark clouds looming on the fixture quite literally.

Yes, the weather forecast for the game has not been that bright.

Earlier this week it was announced that there are 80% chances of rain in Melbourne on the match day of India vs Pakistan.

Jatin Sapru provides weather forecast about India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match

However, these numbers have come down considerably. The current forecast of Melbourne is looking very bright.

Jatin Sapru, the famous Indian broadcaster, on Saturday shared some updates regarding the weather directly from the stadium itself.

According to Sapru, the encounter between India vs Pakistan in T20 World Cup is more than likely to go on. As the weather conditions of Melbourne have increased considerably.

The latest forecasts of Melbourne says that the chances of rain tomorrow have reduced to 20%. Sapru even shared the photos of his from the ground to show how well the weather looks.

What happens if it rains during India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match?

The bad news is that if it rains during India vs Pakistan clash, both teams will share a point. As bad as it is, the teams and their fans will have to settle with this decision.

Although there are reserve days in the tournament, they are only applicable to knockout matches. Hence, this league stage match will have to be settled with both team sharing points.

However, both India and Pakistan fans will be hoping for the sun to come out. So that they can enjoy the India Pakistan rivalry in nice playing conditions.

Results of last five encounters between India and Pakistan in T20 World Cup

India has the upper hand over Pakistan when it comes to T20 Cricket. Or the world Cup in general, where India has beaten Pakistan on 5 occasions.

Pakistan has on the other hand been able to do over only once. That too in the last world cup in 2021, which was played in the UAE.

Now India will be seeking revenge on 23rd of October in Australia.

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