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“I’m buying Manchester United”: Elon Musk

"I'm buying Manchester United": Elon Musk
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On Wednesday, the multi-billionaire and tech mogul Elon Musk gave Manchester United fans a glimmer of hope as he tweeted about buying United.

Fans of United are palpably upset with the team owners. There has been an outcry for “Glazers out” for a long time. But nothing has happened. That is when Musk’s tweet surfaced online to send the United fans into a frenzy.

Elon Musk jokes about buying Manchester United

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning when Must made a bemusing social media post on Twitter. He wrote, “Also, I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome.” Later he confirmed that he was joking. And also pointed out how his buying United has been a very old internet joke.

However, this doesn’t take away the fact that Manchester United is in dire need of revamping. Many people, including former Manchester United legend Gary Neville, believe that the problem starts with the Glazers controlling the team incorrectly.

Recently Manchester United suffered a thumping defeat against Brentford. The London team squashed the Red Devils 4-0 in an away game. And sent them packing down the table.

United fan’s frustration with Glazers

Always known to challenge the top four positions, Manchester United is currently languishing at the bottom of the table. And somehow, Neville believes that the Glazers are to be blamed for it.

In his post-match presentation, Gary Neville ranted about how the Glazers have other people to take a hit for their actions. Neville was quoted saying, “You have to look to the very top now, and this week, honestly, they are going to get peppered, those players, the coach, the sporting department, the new CEO [Richard Arnold], they’re all going to get peppered. But there’s a family over there in America who are just literally letting their employees take all the hits for them, and that is unforgivable.”

Coming back to Musk buying the club as a possibility, it should be pretty pennies for Musk. Tesla and twitter’s net worth is reported to be around $193 billion. On the other hand, Manchester United’s market capitalisation stands at $2.8 Billion. Hence making it a petty purchase for Musk if he wants to go ahead with it.

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