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‘Have the brains and common sense’: Brett Lee’s advice to Arshdeep Singh

Former Australia fast bowler and one of the ‘s finest pacers, Brett Lee, shares a few words of wisdom for Arshdeep to help him improve and stay on track.

'Have the brains and common sense': Brett Lee's advice to Arshdeep Singh

Arshdeep Singh, fast bowler, has emerged as one of India’s emerging talents in 2022. The talented left-arm fast has swiftly established himself in India’s T20I squad and is well on his way to accomplishing the same in ODIs.

Arshdeep has become skipper Rohit Sharma’s go-to bowler in the absence of Jasprit Bumrah since his debut in June, shouldering the duty of bowling efficiently with the new ball and in death overs, picking up 33 wickets from 23 outings. However, former Australia fast bowler and one of the world’s best pacers, Brett Lee, has some important advice for Arshdeep to help him improve and stay on track.

Lee’s wisdom sharing.

Lee’s first piece of advice to Arshdeep, as well as India coach Rahul Dravid and captain Rohit Sharma, is to avoid too much pondering. Lee believes that Arshdeep being treated to too many viewpoints can be detrimental to the left-arm quick.

“Very often teams don’t know what to do with these young and breakout stars. We have seen it before when young players get involved and advices from players, TV, commentators, at the hotel. Every man means well but very often, too much advice can be counter-productive. So, I think Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma have the responsibility to shield Arshdeep Singh from this overdose of advice,” Lee said on his YouTube channel.

That being said, Lee believes a couple of his suggestions will help Arshdeep, who is just starting out in his career. To begin, Lee has advised Arshdeep to avoid excessive gym time. With several India fast bowlers sidelined, including Bumrah and Deepak Chahar, the former Australia pacer believes Arshdeep can do without excessive muscle development activities.

“As someone who has played a few matches, I believe I am pretty qualified to pass him my thoughts. I have got a couple of little things that I believe can help Arshdeep with his action and take more wicket. My first advice to Arshdeep would be that people often say that a fast bowler should get to the gym, and bulk. We hear they want him to bulk up, be strong. Now strong can be strong in the mind. I would say do not over-gym. Lightweight, high repetitions, don’t worry about the beach muscles… if you want to do that, it won’t help you bowl fast,” Lee added.

“Number 2 will be to build a mental filter to social media comments because we know that the guys and girls playing are all on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re going to play a sport and have a social media presence, you have to understand that you should turn off notifications. Don’t read what’s written. Have the brains and commonsense to separate that. If you don’t like it, get off social media and focus on your cricket,” he said.

“Keep working on your skills in domestic cricket, because when there is no big World Cups, and you’re not playing Test cricket, there aren’t any spectators. This is where you have to shine. So this is what I believe what was the bread and butter of my career. Going back to First-Class cricket, enjoy the quietness of the crowd and hone and build those skills. If you can look after that, the high-level will follow,”

Finally, Lee urges Arshdeep not to favor speed. The left-arm India fast bowls primarily in the 130s and occasionally crosses the 145-mark. Having said that, Lee believes Arshdeep should bowl at a pace that allows him to concentrate equally on line and length.

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