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Hansi Flick to remain Germany’s coach despite a disappointing World Cup

The 4 time World Champions Germany had a completely disastrous World Cup tournament in Qatar as for the second consecutive time they got knocked out of the group stage and also faced a humiliating defeat against Japan.

After the knockout, it was widely reported in the German media that Thomas Tuchel would be the favourite to guide the Germans further in major tournaments.

However, on Wednesday there was lengthy meeting in the German football federation regarding Hansi Flick’s future and after that meeting a statement came out from the federation.

Hansi Flick to continue as German coach

Bernd Neuendorf, president of the DFB said  “We have full confidence in Hansi Flick that he will master this challenge together with his team.” So now this is clearly a chance for Flick to redeem himself and the upcoming Euros which would be hosted by Germany is the perfect opportunity to seek his redemption.

The German coach said  “My coaching team and I are optimistic about the European Championship in our own country. We as a team can achieve much more than we showed in Qatar. We missed a great opportunity there. We will learn our lessons from this.” All in all, it would be interesting to see how the European giants overcome this situation.

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