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Glazers Out: US based owners willing to sell Manchester United

After years of outcry by the fans the moment is finally here. The Glazers family has decided to sell the Manchester United and are open to accepting bids.

It has been coming, every fan will tell you that. From the time that Sir Alex Ferguson left the club the fans have been demanding it. And given the recent state of the club, it’s anyone’s guess why Glazers want to sell it.

The news was immediately followed by the mutual termination of Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract.

Manchester United released a statement that read:

“Manchester United announces today that the board is commencing a process to explore strategic alternatives for the club.

“The process is designed to enhance the club’s future growth, with the ultimate goal of positioning the club to capitalize on opportunities both on the pitch and commercially.

“As part of this process, the board will consider all strategic alternatives, including new investment into the club, a sale, or other transactions involving the company.

“This will include an assessment of several initiatives to strengthen the club, including stadium and infrastructure redevelopment, and expansion of the club’s commercial operations on a global scale, each in the context of enhancing the long-term success of the club’s men’s, women’s and academy teams, and bringing benefits to fans and other stakeholders.”

Why Fans dislike Glazers?

It has been 17 years since the late Tycoon Malcom Glazer overtook the club for £790 million (about $1.4 billion at the time). And the fans unrest stared in the coming years.

United Fans have often complained about the nature of the buyout of the club. It is said to have landed the Manchester United into debts. Furthermore, it has been reported that Glazers family has made more money out of the club, than they had invested in it.

Hence an outcry is very much due. And the fans are completely right in letting their opinion out.

To add salts to their wounds is the fact that Manchester United has won no league titles since 2013. They have endured a massive trophy drought since the departure of their beloved manager.

Since then there have been many people like Ibrahimovic, Mourinho, and latest addition of Ronaldo, who have spoken at length about how the club is run poorly.

It seems that the latest interview by the Portuguese striker put the final nail in the coffin.

Value of Manchester United

Manchester United is valued at £5bn and is expected to fetch a bid of at least £2.5bn. At least that is the value Chelsea FC fetched in may when it was took over by Ted Boehly’s consortium.

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