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Gerard Pique retirement: 4 reasons behind his sudden retirement from Football?

Last night very big news broke out in the footballing world as the Barcelona legend Gerard Pique announced his retirement from the game and said that this weekend against Almeria, will be the last match in his career.

Retiring in the middle of the season must have been very tough for him, but he had to take this decision due to the circumstances and there are many reasons which justifies his sudden announcement.

Lack of game time

This season Barca signed 2 of the best centre-backs in the world who are Jules Kounde and Andreas Christensen and since they arrived, Pique has been tumbling down the pecking order for the starting lineup. This is because, at the moment, he is the 5th choice centre back, behind the likes of Araujo, Kounde, Garcia and Christensen and despite this he convinced Xavi that he would try to break into the team but due to his age and quality of the other centre backs, he became unsuccessfully.

Struggles in personal life

The Spanish player has been dealing with a lot of personal life struggles recently because in the summer, he got separated with his life partner Shakira and that has been heavily affecting him mentally and physically as can be seen in his performances. Hence, it would come to a stage he couldn’t deal with everything at once and he needed to take a break.

Club did not want him

FC Barcelona have been struggling financially in recent years and mainly due to their astronomical amount of wage will and due to their wage they had to let some of their best players leave the club, the likes of Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez in the list. And now it’s the same for Gerard cause even he is on very high wages and now that he has left the club , it is widely reported in the media that Barca would save around 30 Million due to Pique being retired.

His Business Empire

Apart from being a football player, Gerard is involved in several businesses with the most famous one being the Davis Cup. He has also said in the past that one day he wants to become the President of FC Barcelona and at the end of his retirement video he clearly stated that “He will be back”.

All in all, the Spanish center-back has been one of the best defenders of all time and the world will miss his presence.

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