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Gavaskar chooses between Siraj and Shami

The legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar breaks the silence on Bumrah’s replacement.

The little master believes Mohammad Siraj should travel to Australia as Bumrah’s replacement as Shami hasn’t played any cricket at all over the past few months.

The Indian team received terrible news about Jasprit Bumrah’s injury just weeks before the beginning of the T20 World Cup. The talisman of India was supposed to be ruled out for the next few months.

The BCCI played the waiting game, and while president Ganguly warned us not to rule Jasprit out, it was eventually announced that he would sit out. They have yet to name a replacement, and the names are up in the air.

Several players, including Deepak Chahar, Siraj, and Shami, are waiting for an official announcement, but the BCCI has remained silent during this entire episode. The Indian squad has arrived in Australia without a replacement, and Indian icon Gavaskar has made his feelings known.

Sunil Gavaskar on Siraj

“I’d go for Siraj because he has been bowling well, Shami has not played for a while. And to hit your steps straight away in a World Cup, yes there are a couple of warm-up matches. As of now, nobody has been selected as the 15th player. I don’t know…has he gone with the team to Australia? He hasn’t gone. So he has played no cricket. And that’s a concern,” Gavaskar told Star Sports.

“No doubting his quality. Just the fact that he (Shami) has not played any cricket. It’s never easy to comeback after Covid. Your stamina can be a little bit of suspect – I know it’s a four over game in T20I cricket. But look at the way Siraj has been bowling. He’s bowling brilliantly,” He added.

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