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Frankie de Jong gives huge statement on his future, says “want to stay at Barcelona”

The Frankie de Jong saga in the transfer market is far from over. During the start of the season it was speculated that he will join Manchester United. Given the fact that his former boss took the helm of the English giants.

However, the player managed to dodge the bullets in the summers. And just when the rumors and reports were surfacing on the internet again, he has made a bold statement.

Frankie de Jong has made it clear that his intentions are to stay at Barcelona. Not only that, he wants to spend a lengthy spell at Barca, which can be at least 8-9 years long.

Frankie de Jong on staying at Barcelona

In a recent interview with De Telegraph, de Jong said, “I am very happy in Barcelona. When I play it’s great and in terms of living here life is perfect… I see myself at Barcelona for as long as possible. I personally hope for another 8 or 10 years.”

It is no secret that the player comes with a huge price tag. Hence the Spanish club which is reported to be debt ridden wanted to sell him off.

Frankie de Jong however was a loyal servant and he managed to stay. He took some pay cuts and somehow squeezed his place into the squad. This was not met with good reception at the club.

Frankie de Jong transfer Saga

Rather, the management forced the player on the bench for the start of the season. Frankie’s determination brought him back on the pitch though. And talking about the same he said, “I really wanted to show that I’m better than the others and that I deserve to be among the starting eleven.”

This has slammed all the reports claiming a move from Barca to Manchester for de Jong. All the footballing pundits claiming how great a reunion it would be between Ten Hag and de Jong will have to suck up.

Frankie de Jong is not  going anywhere. Not at least in the winter transfer market that opens in just 40 days.

De Jong is currently in Qatar fulfilling his national duties for the Netherlands. He side will take on Senegal on 21st of November.

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