Finn Allen shatters multiple T20 World Cup records in opening fixture against Australia

To quote the great Albert Einstein, “in the midst of hardship lies opportunity.” Finn Allen, well-recognized as a flamboyant dasher, was unable to make the national team XI. Allen got his long-awaited and desired opportunity today when Australia played the Kiwis and did he not make the most of it?

Captain Kane mentioned the pick of Finn Allen over veteran Martin Guptil after Australian captain Aaron Finch won the toss and elected to bowl first. “One chance, bam,” as Cristiano Ronaldo would say.

Fin Allen breaks various T20 World Cup records in his maiden inning against Australia

Finn Allen ardently seized the opportunity and mounted an aggressive attack, scoring 14 off the first over. Starting like that in a T20 World Cup opener and setting a new record for the most runs scored in a T20 World Cup first over.

He went berserk, scoring 42 off just 16 balls to get them off to a good start. We haven’t seen such excellent striking from a New Zealand opener since, well, you know who.

Along with the previous record, he also became the batter with the highest strike rate in T20 cricket with 1000 runs. In T20 cricket, a strike rate of 173 with 1000 runs is simply staggering.

Another phrase from Epictetus that is pertinent to the present moment is, “He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.” Finn Allen spent so much time warming the bench in the IPL that he ridiculed it in his Instagram caption. I’m curious who is laughing now.

Hopefully RCB will realize the potential this Kiwi lad has. Or some other team will be looking to make an escape route for his fabulous player. Because he deserves to be in the middle of the park. Smashing fours and sixes all around.

And who knows we might actually have the next Brendon Mccullum between us already,

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