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FIFA World Cup 2022 draw and schedule announced; check out complete detail

The wait is finally over. FIFA has announced the groups for the FIFA World Cup 2022, and it definitely has a lot of things to talk about.

After almost two years, 32 teams have managed to make it to the group stage of one of the most prestigious football tournaments.

And that is not where the discussion ends.

Rather the actual discussion begins with the phrase FIFA World CUP 2022 Draw.

So without wasting any more breaths, let’s dive into it.

FIFA World Cup 2022 group draws

Making it to the final 32 is not at all simple. Depending on the geography, teams have to face different challenges to make it here.

However, nothing can match the feeling of being a part of the final teams that will be a part of the prestigious tournament. And nobody other than David Alaba can better understand this feeling.

Side note: Canada qualified for the world cup after 36 years.  

Which are the teams in Group A?

Image Courtesy: @iamalphateam/Instagram

The first group of the tournament will see Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and Netherlands go neck to neck for the top two spots in the group.

Being the hosting nation, Qatar was automatically qualified for the tournament. The rest of the three teams had to play out their best football to get here.

One of the most dramatic playoffs moments came for Senegal as they beat Egypt over penalties. A rare miss by Mohammed Sala, one of the best players in the world, sent them into the final 32.

Now they will be looking to make the most of this opportunity. They are one of the most likely teams to make it to the round of 16.

Other being the Dutch team of Netherlands. With the likes of some promising young and experienced players, they are thought to go deep into the tournament.

Which are the teams in Group B?

Image Courtesy: @iamalphateam/Instagram

This group can be categorized as one of the groups of sudden death. It already comprises the likes of England, Iran, and the USA. The final team of the group, however, is yet to be announced. But the draw for that place will be played between Wales, Ukraine, and Scotland. All three of them are heavyweights in themselves.

The presence of Iraq with England and the USA makes it very interesting. Both England and USA have had a long history of conflicts with Iraq. Hence, it will be interesting to see these teams square off on the pitch from a political perfective.

The semifinalists of World Cup 2018, England, will be a definite favorite from this group to qualify. The USA is another team likely to make it big.

Given their recent form, they should make it out comfortably. But there is nothing specific in football, so this group is a group of death.

Which are the teams in Group C?

Image Courtesy: @iamalphateam/Instagram

Group C is another potential group of death as it features Argentina, Poland, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.

Argentina and Poland are certainly the most favorite teams out of the lot. Still, one can never rule out Mexico. They have had a long list of great players over the years. Recently they might have had a dip, but that doesn’t mean anything in football.

In this game, a moment of brilliance can change the game entirely in the underdog’s favor. Saudi Arabia will be hoping for that moment as well.

They pip Japan by a single point to make it to the final 32 in the Asian qualifiers. And if things went their way, they have a good enough squad to make it further in the tournament.

Which all teams are in Group D?

Image Courtesy: @iamalphateam/Instagram

The title defender France will kick off their campaign against Denmark, Tunisia, and a qualifying team in this group.

France shouldn’t face any difficulties in qualifying for the Round of 16. However, the same cannot be said for Denmark.

They have their captain back with them in the form of Eriksen. The player has hit the ground running for his national team by scoring some goals in recent matches. Yet it’s the other players that everyone should be worried about.

Tunisia has not had any real competitive football in the qualification stage. They faced the likes of Zambia and Mauritius, yet only managed to qualify by a margin of 2 points. Hence unless they turn the tables drastically, they’re not likely to qualify.

Which are the teams in Group E?

Image Courtesy: @iamalphateam/Instagram

This group sees teams like Spain, Germany, Japan, and a qualifying team play for the final two spots.

Realistically Spain and Germany should qualify for the next round. They have a plentiful supply of players and have enjoyed some great football recently. Especially for Spain, it has been a great road to recovery.

With a perfect squad that contains a wide range of players from energy to experience and everything in between, they’re hot favorites.

Germany is not too far either. They have been that one lot that continues to be a thorn in their opponent’s side.

On the other hand, Japan was a second-tier team in their original qualification group. They made it to the tournament, playing in the playoffs, yet their qualification chances stand thin.

Which are the teams in Group F?

Image Courtesy: @iamalphateam/Instagram

The longest-reigning number one team in FIFA rankings, Belgium features in this group. They will be accompanied by their European neighbors like Croatia and Morocco. Canada is still the most talked-about team in this group.

This is the first time they will be featuring in this marquee tournament since 1986. Hence it is an extraordinary moment for this generation of footballers. It includes the likes of David Alaba, who has made quite a name for himself in recent years.

Belgium is one of the most likely teams to make it to the next round from this group. With Croatia the finalists of the World Cup 2018, being the second-best in the group.

Which are the teams in Group G?

Image Courtesy: @iamalphateam/Instagram

Already on a great roll, group G features the number one team in the world. Brazil will be faced by teams like Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon.

The onus of this group will predominantly be on Brazil, which has had an unfazed time on the field. Their outstanding results on the pitch saw them overtake Belgium to become the number one ranked team.

With that being said, the competition for the second spot remains between the other three teams.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Which are the teams in Group H?

Image Courtesy: @iamalphateam/Instagram

The final group of the tournament features some big names. It consists of teams like Portugal, Uruguay, Korean Republic, and Ghana.

This is another group that has the potential of becoming the group of death. With Ronaldo, Suarez, and Son Hueing Min playing in the same group, firecrackers can be expected.

Although Ghana is not too far behind either, they had a great time in the qualifier stage and will be rearing to go.

The focus in this group will obviously remain on Ronaldo and his Portuguese team. They will take on Uruguay, who knocked them out of the FIFA 2018.

It will be a fascinating prospect to witness the two teams against one another.

When will FIFA World Cup 2022 start?

The tournament is all set to begin on November 21. The first matchday will witness teams like Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands, Iran, USA, and England in action.

This will be the first time since 1966 that England will be featured on the opening day of a FIFA World Cup.

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