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FIFA Bans Salt Bae From future Tournaments after misconduct at World Cup final

Social media influencer and chef Salt Bae, who went viral for sprinkling salt on the internet, was spotted crashing Argentina’s winning celebration in the Lusail Stadium, Qatar. Salt Bae was canceled after sprinkling imaginary salt on the trophy in Doha after the World Cup finals, where Argentina emerged victorious.

After an utterly annoying appearance on the scene and some despicable actions, it would be very difficult for him to attend any football tournaments in the future. Salt Bae was banned officially on Twitter after his questionable and tacky antics.

The social media influencer was seen breaking one of the most important golden rules of FIFA after he crashed the post-final celebrations of Lionel Messi’s Argentina and was spotted pestering Messi and his family for pictures.

FIFA Bans Salt Bae for misconduct at World Cup Final

Normally, these are the honors that are reserved for selected personalities only, which includes players, staff, and their families who had worked hard with their blood and sweat to become the world champions, whereas Salt Bae had used this opportunity to boost his brand for clout.

The chef went viral for his pinching the salt gestures. He was seen posing with the winning Argentina players, biting the winner’s medal, and holding and smacking the World Cup trophy, which FIFA utterly forbids. He crossed all limits after kissing the trophy, which resulted in Salt Bae Ban

The original FIFA World Cup winners’ trophy is an 18-carat gold trophy estimated to be worth at least £17.7 million. The FIFA website clearly states that only the tournament winners and heads of state are allowed to touch it.

The FIFA rules state that “The original FIFA World Cup Trophy can only be touched and held by a very select group of people, which includes former winners of the FIFA World Cup and heads of state.”

After his horrendous breakage of rules, Salt Bae was cancelled from the most prestigious and oldest soccer tournament in the United States.

“Salt Bae is hereby banned from the 2023 @opencup Final,” tweeted the official US Open Cup handle on Wednesday.


Is Salt Bae cancelled from FIFA? 

Yes, Salt Bae cancelled from FIFA after sprinkling imaginary salt on the trophy in Doha after the World Cup finals. 

Why was Salt Bae cancelled from FIFA? 

Salt Bae was Banned for his pinching the salt gestures and kissing the trophy while he was seen posing with the Argentina players. 


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