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FIFA 2022: Louis Van Gaal names his tactics to stop Messi

After one of the most thrilling group stage matches in World Cup history, the Round of 16 has also ended with France, England, Brazil, Morocco, Portugal, Croatia, Argentina and Netherlands qualifying for the quarter finals.

Now on the matchday in the quarters, it’s a repeat of the 2014 World Cup semi finals as Argentina would come up against heir arch rivals the Netherlands. And before this game, there has been a lot of talking from both these sides as team players and the coaching staff are giving various interviews.

Louis Van Gaal’s tactic to stop messi

But now there has been a surprising revelation from the Dutch coach Louis Van Gaal as he has said some interesting things about Lionel Messi. He said, “He [Messi] is indeed the most dangerous player who creates the most chances and also makes them himself. But on the other hand he doesn’t play much with the opponent when he has possession of the ball. That is also where our chances lie.”

So these statements clearly states that Van Gaal’s side would have the sole responsibility to keep the ball away from the captain of Argentina so that the Dutch could paky their game more efficiently. Holland would also be looking to take revenge from the South Ameircan side for what happened in 2014, as Messi’s team defeated Van Gaal’s men on penalties. All in all, it would surely be a blockbuster match that one cannot miss.

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