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FIFA 2022: Louis Van Gaal calls Brazil “simply a Counter Attacking team”

In the Round of 16, the 5-time world champions Brazil defeated their opponents South Korea comfortably by a scoreline of 4-1 and they did that in the classic Brazilian way. After that match, everyone in the footballing world were just praising the South American side and it was really considered that they have truly arrived at this year’s World Cup. However, a few days back Netherlands played and had defeated the USA by a scoreline of 3-1 in order to progress to the quarter-finals.

Luis Van Gaal’s take on Brazil’s football

Now Louis Van Gaal, the Dutch coach had watched Brazil’s match and after the game, he made some comments which were simply astonishing to hear. He said ” Yes, Brazil are simply a counter team. But then I had to read in the Dutch media how beautiful it was.

But it was just a counter-team, South Korea only went out to attack. And yet my friends in the [Dutch] media say it’s sparking football while we do the same. Our goal [against USA] was much more beautiful than any of theirs. Ours was a team goal, twenty passes all in high tempo.”

After these comments, it is now more of an obligation for the Dutch to win the quarter-finals against Argentina so that he could prove that his point was right. As of now, Holland haven’t been tested by one of the biggest teams and Argentina are their first major difficult side. There would then also be a possibility that the Dutch and Brazil could meet in the semi-finals and that would be absolutely sensational. All in all, it’s onto the quarter finals.

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