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FC Barcelona: Most anticipated signing for the Catalan giants, Vitor Roque says he is “prepared” ahead of his move

FC Barcelona’s attacking sector would be bolstered by the addition of one of football’s greatest wizards, the South American prodigy, Vitor Roque. Ahead of his most anticipated move to the club, the Brazilian attacker has expressed his elation of joining one of the greatest clubs in the world.

A Brazilian sensation

FC Barcelona and Brazil- it seems to be a love story which is entangled in the magic of football. It all started with former Barca and Brazil great Ronaldinho, who had decided to leave his continent to join the forces of FC Barcelona, thus switching his allegiance to Europe. Little did anyone think at that moment Ronaldinho had paved way for several youngsters to ply their trade in the European continent. Neymar followed Dinho’s footsteps as he had become a legend in the Catalan colors. Now, it is time for another sensational attacker Vitor Roque, who has impressed his fans and critics likewise with his skills and dynamism, to join the La Liga champions, and to carry forward the legacy of “Brazilian attackers in FC Barcelona”.

He was having a dazzling season with Atletico Paranaense, but his momentum was hindered when he suffered a horrific knock in the ankle, as a Nico Hernandez tackle compelled him to leave the field in immense pain. According to his agent Cury, the “Tiger” has mentioned about his improving health condition, thus expressing his excitement ahead of his potential dream move to Spain.

“I feel very positive”

Roque has mentioned in his reports in SPORT, as he was head saying about his health update. He said, “Unfortunately this is part of our profession as elite athletes, but I feel very positive, confident and motivated for my return. I have a very qualified team with me, a great structure to be able to return to 100%.”

Before lighting up Camp Nou with his exuberance and magic webs, Roque has mentioned about his time at Copa Libertadores, already etching his name among one of the top scorers. He said, “I’m very happy to reach these milestones in my career and having already experienced so many things.”

He further said, “I look back and see everything I went through and faced to get to where I am today. I learned a lot from everyone and I hope this is just the beginning of many good things to come. I still have a lot to evolve and learn, but every day I feel more prepared, with more confidence, to play my best football. “

Thus, Vitor Roque would look to maintain the momentum and legacy that his predecessors had started, as he would closely look to emulate their feat at the Catalan side.


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