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Djokovic slips to 7th position on ATP ranking despite Wimbledon win; Roger Federer unraked for first time

Djokovic slips to 7th position on ATP ranking despite Wimbledon win; Roger Federer unraked for first time

Djokovic, who won the Wimbledon title for a record-equaling 7th, has been docked 2000 ATP points. As a result, he drops 4 ATP positions to the 7th rank.

Simultaneously, the former world number one, Roger Federer, was dropped from the ATP rankings altogether.

Which makes fans question why ATP has taken such steps?

Djokovic drops four ranks to 7th position

The reason behind this drop is very political. And has nothing to do with players’ performance in the Wimbledon tournament.

According to a report by Zee News, ATP decided to not award a single point to the players who partook in Wimbledon. This comes after the English Club banned Russian and Belarus athletes from competing in the tournament.

The WTA and ATP disagreed with this English Club Tennis decision. Hence, they have decided not to consider player progress in the tournament. And docking them points for the 2021 edition of the tournament as well.

As a result, Djokovic has docked the 2000 points he accumulated by winning Wimbledon. Similarly, his opponent Nick Kyrgios who was the tournament’s runner-up also dropped to 45th rank from 40.

Similarly, the women’s singles champion Elena Rybakina was also left in 23rd position. The title did no good to her rankings. Rather with this rank, she became the second-lowest women’s champion at Wimbledon.

Her opponent Ons Jabeur lost several points, which resulted in her sliding from 2nd to 5th position.

This allowed the Roland Garos champion Iga Swiatek to remain in the top position in the Women’s ranking.

Roger Federer unraked for the first time in nearly 25 years

When Roger debuted at age 16 in 1997, he was ranked 803. He went on to become one of the longest-reigning no.1 in tennis.

But now, he had been dropped from the ATP rankings altogether.

The reason behind his drop has nothing to do with the decision of docking points. Rather, his drop from the rankings is because he has not appeared in a competitive tournament for over 52 weeks.

Roger was last seen in the quarter-finals of 2021 Wimbledon. After the loss on the grass-court, Federer went through a third surgery in just 18 months. This sidelined him for the remaining last year and this year as well.

Federer is yet to make an appearance on the court with the racket in hand.

He did make an appearance in the Wimbledon tournament. And in a conference, he told the world about his intentions to return to court for playing.

The player will turn 41 on the 8th of August. And is likely to start playing tennis tournaments in his native Switzerland.

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