Deepti Sharma runs out Charlotte Dean on non-striker’s end to inflict whitewash on England team

Deepti Sharma runs out Charlotte Dean on non-striker's end to inflict whitewash on England team
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Indian women cricket’s team created history on Saturday by defeating England at Lords in the final ODI of the series. With this they completed a whitewash on the English women for the first time in the history of the game.

However, what people are really talking about is the 10th wicket picked up by India.

Deepti Sharma has become the center of the conversation after she ran out Charlotte Dean at the non-striker’s end to win the game for her team.

It was one of the frailest moment of the game. And England looked like heading to victory in a easy fashion. That is when a lapse of concentration by Davis cost her team the match.

India fought hard to get the reign back in the game after being dismissed for 169. They bowled superbly to have England down to 65 for 7 in just 17 overs.

Watch video: Deepti Sharma runs out Dean at non-striker’s end

A good inning by Charlotte Dean brought England back into the game. The Indians could see the game slipping out of their hands as Dean stroked the Indian bowlers all around the park.

There was a twist in the tale yet to come though and it happened in the 44th over of the game. Deepti Sharma was quick enough to pounce on the slender opportunity that Dean provided her by stepping out of the crease before the ball was bowled.

The Indian spinner stopped in her tracks when she noticed Dean was on the move. And instead of delivering the delivery she turned around to dislodge the stumps.

Her appeal was completely within the laws of the game and the umpire went for a referral to the TV umpire who ruled it out.

Charlotte Dean left in tears

The emotions ran high on the field though, as after the dismissal, Dean broke in tears. Shad played a fighting knock of 47 runs from 80 balls to get her team close to the target.

But in the end she couldn’t take her team over the line. As ironically she crossed a line she was not supposed to.

India won the game by 16 runs to spare. It is a historic win by the Indian team. Something that should be cherished as it is, and not be marred by the debate of spirit of the game.

What is Mankadding? Is it really unlawful?

But really, why is the dismissal so wrong, despite ICC and MCC recognizing it as a legit dismissal?

It certainly is one of the most undelightful sight in cricket for a batter. And has once again began the debate whether what Deepti did was right or not?

Apparently running out a batter at the nonstriker’s end is frowned upon in cricket. From ever since Vinoo Mankad ran out Australian batter Brown in late 60s, the dismissal has been called as Mankading.

The main source of the controversy and debate was the fact that there was no written rule around the form of dismissal. Nobody ever knew whether it is acceptable or not. Hence it brought in the spirit of the game debate.

ICC has made amendment in that part through. In their recent change in rules, they have introduced a rule that allows batters to be ran out at non striker’s end.

Under Law 38 of MCC rule book for cricket, the dismissal is now judged under the light of run outs. Hence the bowler cannot be called to on fault now. As they are within the right and rules to run a batter out.

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