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“Cannot put a referee like that for a match of such magnitude,”Messi on official’s decision in Netherlands vs Argentina quarterfinals

Argentina are through to the World Cup semi-finals after one of the most unbelievable match in this years’ cup cause after the Netherlands equalised in the last minute against Scaloni’s side, the game went down to a penalty shootout.

And then Emiliano Martinez became the hero as he saved 2 pentalies for his nation which helped them to progress through to the next round. The game was a tough, tactical battle that saw both sides cancel each other out for 120 minutes. Despite the action from the footballers, Spanish referee Mateu Lahoz became the star as the game was nearing its end he dished out a record-breaking 15 yellow cards – the most in a single game in World Cup history.

Alot of Argentinean players were unhappy about the refereeing including Lionel Messi. After the game Messi said, “I don’t want to speak about referees because after they will sanction you. But people saw what happened. I think FIFA must take care of this. It cannot put a referee like that for a match of such magnitude, of such importance.

“The referee cannot fail to be up to the task, A lot of joy and relief. It wasn’t to go to penalty kicks. We suffered too much for how it all happened. But it’s the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Going through is the most beautiful and impressive thing. Argentina is among the top four, because we show game after game that we know how to play each game with the same intensity, with the same will,”

All in all, now Scaloni’s side needs to face Croatia for the spot in the World Cup final.

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