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Bruno Fernandes opens up about his experiences with the Manchester United Managers

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes opens up to the media as he explains his views on   all three  Manchester United managers he has played for under that period.

Bruno Fernandes who is one of the leaders for the club is given the armband by Ten hag. The Portuguese is said to be the talisman and glue in the Man United dressing room since he has arrived at the club. Bruno has played under three managers and has recently opened up to the media about his ideology regarding all the managers.

Bruno on Ole Gunner Solskjaer

Bruno was full of praises, admiration and respect for the former united manager, he said that Ole is “ an amazing person” and further added “ He still sends me some messages and says congratulations for certain things. He’s someone who I want to remain in touch with. I said that to him before he left the club.”

The Portuguese was also in full support of the manager when he was booed by the fans after Ole’s last game in charge against Watford. No doubt the Portuguese Magnifico has a soft spot for the Norwegian manager and that the Norwegian is a type of guy who cares about everyone, who tries to make everyone happy.

The Midfielder’s views on why Ragnick failed at the Club

According to Bruno Fernandes the interim manager hired after Ole was unsuccessful because the team was built for Ole and had his vision, Bruno admits that Ralf had “good ideas” which the players were unable to execute as they were accustomed to Ole’s playing style. Bruno said “ Ralf came with his idea of playing with intensity and pressing and how he was used to playing in Germany. But it did not quite work out with us the confidence of the team was low.”

The 28 year old then added that “ he[Ralf] tried his best and he is a good manager with good ideas but the team was built for Ole and his ideas“. He then specified that every manager who has been at the club has different ideas and want different players at the club.

Bruno’s thoughts on Erik Ten Hag

The Number 8 at Manchester United is in awe of the new manager and is clearly impressed by him as he has been given the captain’s armband and shares his bright view on the Dutch.

Bruno said “ Ten hag has an idea. He has a style. You have to follow his rules. He is strict on that. And I like that.” He further added “ He has brought discipline, which is something we missed in the past. Everyone must be on the same page”.

No doubt Bruno Fernandes is spot on there as the early success and attacking football of Manchester united have been impressive so far. United are three points off first place in the league and has been doing well under the dutch as he shares his philosophy with the players.

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