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Brentford Striker Ivan Toney Faces Ban for Breaching 232 Betting Rules

Brentford Striker Ivan Toney Faces Ban for Breaching 232 Betting Rules

Ivan Toney, Brentford’s striker, has now found himself surrounded by turmoil as he is set to face a prolonged period of ban from football altogether after being charged by the English Football Association on the accounts of allegedly breaching 232 betting rules over a 4-year long period.

“Ivan Toney has been charged with misconduct in relation to alleged breaches of the FA’s betting rules,” said the football association in a statement regarding Toney’s 232 breaches.

Ivan Toney likely to face lifetime ban

The 26-year-old had been in the race to be part of his national team for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 but unfortunately didn’t make the cut for England’s 26-man World Cup squad. He has earlier admitted to the fact that he was assisting the FA with an ongoing investigation on the controversial topic of breached betting rules.

Toney’s time-period escaping the FA stretches from February 2017, when he spent his days at Newcastle, to 2021, after he had already become part of the Brentford family. It had been revealed earlier this month that Toney was at the center of this betting-circle scandal.

“I have been assisting the Football Association with their inquiries and will not be making any comment until such investigation has reached its conclusion,” said the Brentford striker earlier on the 5th of November. In the latest report, Toney has been revealed to have only till the 24th of November, a Thursday, to respond to the charges.

Brentford’s response to all the ruckus caused by their striker has been a little underwhelming. The English striker’s club has officially disclosed about being in touch with Toney along with his legal representatives. Still, it has also affirmed that those discussions would continue privately with their troublesome player.\

“We will make no further comment until the matter has been completed,” said the club in their official statement about Toney’s breaches.

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