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Brazil 2-0 Serbia; Richarlison’s brace secures victory for title favorites

The 5-time world champions Brazil kick off their World Cup campaign with a win against Serbia by a comfortable score of 2-0. But despite this scoreline, the football analysts have said that the South American team are still not at their best cause they could easily have won this game by 4-0.

This result did not happen because of the way Serbia played in the first half, the Serbs absolutely sensational for the first 45 minutes as they were organised very well in the defence and did manage to resist the extraordinary Brazil attack.

But at in the second half, the South American giants came out with a better plan and now the Serbs had been drained out completely by running all around the pitch, in the end, they couldn’t take it anymore as they were very tired.

Richarlison shines for Brazil

This gave Brazil the opportunity to score and they did indeed take advantage of this situation and at the 62nd-minute mark, Richarlison gave the lead to his nation. Since that goal, Tite’s men controlled the rest of the match and were just enjoying themselves.

But after that goal, at the 73rd minute, Richarlison pulled an absolute masterpiece goal as it was the perfect bicycle anyone cold has done.

This clearly shows the winning mentality of the Brazilians and how they still manage to score these goals despite the likes of Neymar and Vinicius Junior not have a good game. All in all, it’s just the start and it’s very possible that the 5 tie winners might go a lot further in this tournament.

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