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Bournemouth sack Scott Parker after 9-0 defeat to Liverpool

Bournemouth sack Scott Parker after 9-0 defeat to Liverpool
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Bournemouth sack their manager as Scott Parker’s days at the club are over after back to back losses to Arsenal, Man city and Liverpool.

The manager was sacked just after four premier league game which probably makes him the quickest manager to be sacked by a premier league club. Scott played a massive role last season as a manager in the cherries promotion to the premier league . They finished second in the championship table below the winners Fulham.

The cherries start to the season was very promising as they won over  Aston villa 2-0. The upcoming fixtures for the cherries were back to back top six sides which made it a crucial period for them in the league as  they had to face an inform Arsenal, a deadly man city team and a hungry Liverpool side who were desperate to taste victory. So its quite justiciable that Parker got a bit unlucky there .

Liverpool thashed Bournemouth 9-0

The 9-0 loss against klopp’s side acted as a catalyst for the sacking of the head coach of Bournemouth. The result just made it worse for the Scott after a 4-0 loss to City and 3-0 loss to Arsenal . The Side has conceded 15 goals in three matches averaging 5 per match and on the top of it they have even failed to score.

What’s next for Bournemouth?

The club released a statement saying that the search for the new manager would begin immediately and also mentioned the successor of Scott parker who is the first team coach , Gary O’neil. Gary is considered to be interim manager of the club . After Scott’s departure the club’s is expected to be active in the 48 hours of their transfer window as it will crucial for them. They even hope to find a new permanent  manager in that period.

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