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Barcelona reject Bayern Munich’s bid to loan Frenkie de Jong

Barcelona reject bayern's bid to loan Frankie de Jong

The Frenkie de Jong transfer saga has taken yet another twist as it is widely reported in the Spanish media that Bayern Munich are studying the possibility of signing the Dutchman on a season-long loan deal.

Barcelona are tirelessly trying to sell the midfielder all summer long to reduce their wage bill and inject some cash flow in the club, but they haven’t managed to pull that off because of De Jong’s wish to stay.

Manchester United had even agreed on a deal with the Spanish Giants which was a total package of 75 Million Euros in which the 65 Million was fixed and the rest 10 million were the variables in the deal. However, the Red Devils couldn’t agree the personal terms with the player as he wishes to play in the Champions League which United aren’t.

The La Liga side desperately needs to reduce his wages or sell him immediately cause they even need to register their new signing Jules Kounde. He has missed the first 2 games of the season due to him not being registered because of the financial crisis that Barca has.

Now Bayern are looking forward to a similar deal which they did with Barcelona in 2019 for the signing of Phillipe Countinho cause in that deal they signed Brazilian in a season-long loan deal with an option to but at the end of the loan spell.

Barcelona unwilling to loan Frankie de Jong

With this the Bundesliga will indeed take on the Dutchman’s salary which would surely enable Barca to register Kounde and from Bayern’s side they are absolutely ready to get this transfer completed cause apparently their coach Julien Nagelsmann is a big admirer of De Jong and it’s his dream to have a midfield of Kimmich, Gravenberch and Frenkie.

However, as far as from Barca’s side it is believed that they aren’t interested to agree on any loan deal for a player like Frenkie cause in order to register Kounde cause they are already in talks with Chelsea for the sale of Aubameyang which is about to get completed for a fee of 25 Million Euros.

But if indeed Bayern bid an astronomical amount of about 85 million Euros, it is likely that they might have a deal with Barca and it won’t be a problem with the personal terms with De Jong as he would be open to the opportunity to join Nagelsmann’s side.

Of course, United are still not out of the deal as Ten Hag is looking for a midfield featuring both the Duchman and Casemiro, and now the Red Devils might be able to convince the midfielder after showcasing their sensational win against Liverpool. All in all, it would be interesting to see how this transfer saga develops.

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