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Barcelona and Jules Kounde reach verbal agreement; know contract details

Barcelona and Jules Kounde reach verbal agreement; know contract details

It’s finally happening. After two days of dead silence in the deal between Barcelona and Kounde, we finally have some news that will delight Barcelona fans.

According to the famous transfer news reporter Fabrizio Romano, Barcelona is “one step away from signing” Kounde. This news might bring the biggest transfer saga of this market to an end.

Sevilla’s Jules Konde has been targeted by several clubs even before the market opened. However, with time, Barcelona and Chelsea emerged as the leaders in acquiring his services.

Last week, the final die was cast as Kounde gave his verdict. And chose Barcelona over Chelsea.

The biggest news of the hour is that Kounde has agreed on personal terms with Barca. Meaning both the player and club have reached a verbal agreement which is said to be of 5 years. The agreement between Barcelona and Seville is the only thing keeping this deal from going official.

 According to Romero, Xavi, like before in the deal with Kessi and Raphinha, has also played a vital role in this transfer.

Kounde snubs Chelsea

This is not the first time in this season’s transfer market that a player has snubbed Chelsea for Barcelona. Earlier it was Raphinha of Leeds United who did the same.

The Brazilian was ready to join Chelsea from Leeds before Barcelona stepped in for him. The player suddenly turned down Chelsea’s offer. And according to some reports accepted a relatively moderate offer from Barcelona so that he could represent them.

Chelsea was left fuming with his decision and came out with a statement that if Barcelona hacked the Kounde deal, they would make life difficult with César Azpilicueta’s move.

Apparently, Barcelona has made 4 significant signings this season. They have acquired the services of Christiansen, Kessie, Raphinha, and Lewandowski. And now have almost completed the Kounde deal.

Still, reports claim they are not done for the season and will be going forward to sign César Azpilicueta from Chelsea.

It will be intriguing to see how they managed to do that. Especially after they have robbed Chelsea of two world-class signings.

Further, their financial woes still stand in the way of registering players like Raphinha and Lewandowski. They might have announced their signing, but the players are yet to be registered with La Liga.

The registration of these players depends on the stance of Frankie De Jong. The player was earlier rumored to be joining Manchester United. But that deal couldn’t go through.

Recent developments claim that Barcelona offers the player a pay cut. Although, nobody knows whether the player accepted the contract or not.

The Barcelona fans will be hoping to cross the bridge when it comes to that. Currently, they are over the moon for signing Jules Kounde from Sevilla.

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