Asia Cup 2022: Pakistan’s Asif Ali and Afghanistan’s Fareed Ahmed fined by ACC for fighting on field during high intensity encounter

Cricket is not just a sport but a raw emotion for teams from the Indian Subcontinent. And that makes this sport so popular in this part of the world.

However, sometimes unchecked emotion can lead to unruly behaviours. And something similar happened in Wednesday’s super four clashes between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In recent times, Pakistan and Afghanistan have emerged in a rivalry in Cricket. The neighbouring nations have players and fans who are filled with passionate intensity towards the game. And it was all on show during the super four matches of the Asia Cup, between the two Asian giants.

Having lost the toss, Afghanistan was invited to bat first by Pakistan. The afghani side had their work cut out for them. They were required to win the encounter to remain alive in the tournament.

Asif Ali gestures to hit Faheed Ahmed with bat

Things didn’t go in their favour in the first inning. And their inning was reduced to 129/6 in the twenty overs. For a moment, it felt like Afghanistan would lose this match.

But their bowlers showed tremendous grit and determination and fought until the end. The emotions were so high during the chase that the players forgot it was just a game.

A very peculiar moment occurred in the game’s dying embers as Fareed Ahmed of Afghanistan, and Asif Ali of Pakistan had a verbal spat.

The afghani bowler had taken the wicket of his Pakistani counterpart. But Asif Ali was not too fond of Farooqi’s celebration, and the two players came together to do something about it.

Ali was even seen manhandling Farooqi and gesturing something with the bat. Following this, the players were handled by their respective teammates, and the match continued.

Afghanistan put up a great fight, but some superior hitting skills by Pakistan saw them over the line and into the final of the Asia Cup.

This victory of theirs saw both Afghanistan and Pakistan out of the tournament.

Following this victory, a huge commotion was caused in the crowd as the two sets of fans had a go at each other. They tore seats from their root and hurled them at each other in anger.

Luckily everyone escaped from the stadium unscathed.

The players however were fined later for their conduct by the Asian Cricket Council.

Pakistan will take on Sri Lanka in the final of Asia Cup 2022 on Sunday.


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