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Antonio Conte calls charges issued on him and Tuchel as “soft”

Antonio Conte calls charges issued on him and Tuchel as "soft"
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The Spurs manager Antonio Conte is not done talking about his tiff with his Chelsea counterpart. Neither is he content with the decision of FA to hand them a suspension.

Last Sunday, Tottenham and Chelsea were locked into a furious London Derby that ended at 2-2. In the tussle involved were not only the 22 players on the field but the two managers as well.

Anotnio Conte address FA’s decision

Both Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel clashed twice during the game. As a result, they ended up with a red card to their name. Talking about the same ahead of his premier league game on Saturday, Conte said, “I see that the FA made us, both coaches, more soft charge, no? And we have to accept. We have to accept and have respect for every decision.

“But I think sometimes this type of situation can happen. It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last time that two coaches are not in the right way or do not agree. But the most important thing is we have to move on, to have respect for each other. And for me, the situation finishes there,” reports The Sun.

The first clash between the two managers occurred in the second half of the game, as Conte’s Tottenham scored the leveller in the 68th minute of the game.

However, the biggest clash of the game came after the full-time whistle, and so did the two red cards.

Tuchel and Conte got into a scuffle when “Conte refused to make eye contact” with Tuchel. The Chelsea manager did not take this well, and he held on to the Italian’s hand.

This gesture of his was met with fire by Conte, who went toe to toe with the German. The two managers were pulled apart by the linesmen and assistant referee. Following this, a red card was issued to both and faced charges for breaching the FA rule E3.

It is not clear yet, whether the two managers will be seen on the touchlines for their team’s weekend matches.

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